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Teachers, We Need Your Anonymous Testimony


Dear teachers,

Has the implementation of the Common Core Standards and State Mandated testing affected your classroom? Please let us know! We would like to anonymously share your concerns and comments with local and state school boards.

We are not only fighting for our kids, but also for you, as teachers. We want you to know that we have your backs and would like to take your anonymous testimony to the school boards.

Your name will never be revealed or even entered into our system. Your testimony is powerful as we fight together to defeat Common Core.

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Colorado Department of Education
Global Education Leaders' Program (GELP)


This PowerPoint document was obtained from the CDE at the June 2014 State Board meeting. This is concerning. Not only do we have US federal overreach, we now have global overreach. 

This is an excerpt from the document:

"The Global Education Leaders’ Program is a community of key education system leaders, policy-makers, thought-leaders and world-class consultants collaborating to transform education at local, national and international levels."








Colorado State Board of Education

Contact Colorado State Board of Education Members


Contact Commissioner Hammond - Colorado Board of Education

Commissioner Hammond's Personal Assistant - Jessica Fuller
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National Governor's Association


National Governor's Association 2013-2014 Committees


Legislation and School Board News




The State Board of Education Friday voted 5-2 to a Republican-sponsored measure that would pull Colorado out of the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC testing group, reduce state assessments, and give districts more testing flexibility.



Resolution Against APUSH
AP U.S. History

August 2014

Chair of the CO Board of Education asks Board to vote on a proposal against APUSH. Asks the board to get behind the proposal to not accept framework or to purchase the curriculum. 

They were to vote in September, however the board held off on voting until the October 2014 board meeting. 




Victory in District 11 Colorado Springs


The board just passed a resolution this evening to reclaim their district. They repealed PARCC and CMAS - vote 7-0. This is a huge victory! Brave district.



National K-12 Testing Landscape

2014 - 2015 


States vary widely in their plans for assessing the Common Core Standards in the 2014-15 school year. Their approaches to testing are far more fragmented now than even a year ago, when all but a handful of states planned to use the PARCC or Smarter Balanced assessments.

See the results of Education Week’s 50-state reporting project on states' testing plans for 2014-15 below.


Texas SBOE Votes Out 

AP U.S. History

“Momentous SBOE Votes – Patriotism Protected for America’s Students”

Because of the courage of a majority of the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), a blow has been struck at the College Board for revising American history “downwards.” 

Texas has decided that the curriculum standards adopted by the elected members of the SBOE will prevail and that the College Board (a private entity that is totally aligned now with the Common Core) will not be allowed to dictate its biased and revisionist curriculum to Texas students.

by Donna Garner - Education News

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