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Common Core Next Generation Science Standards


NOTE: The Next Generation Science Standards have not yet been implemented in the school system and are on the discussion table, being reviewed for implementation. 


Thomas B. Fordham Institute grants the Next Generation Science Standards a C Grade

In the final evaluation of the Next Generation Science Standards, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute grants the standards a C grade. The NGSS grade is clearly superior to grades we granted to the science standards of sixteen states and the PISA framework in the State of State Science Standards 2012 but clearly inferior to those of twelve states and the District of Columbia, as well as the NAEP and TIMSS frameworks.

Next Generation Science Standards: Common Core Incognito

It took three years for a group of committees to develop Common Core Science Standards, which are called “Next Generation Science Standards” (NGSS). The National Research Council and Washington-based Achieve, the group that produced the Common Core English and math standards, also managed the development of Common Core science standards.

by Education Reporter