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Common Core Math Examples


Article 1 - "Common Core Making Math Unnecessarily Difficult"

Retired teacher Dan Mclaughlin and Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Caleb Bonham on the impact of Common Core on education.

by Dan Mclaughlin and Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Caleb Bonham 

Article 2 - "Math Question Asks 6th Graders if 2000 Election Was Fair?"

Would you ever consider the question ‘Whom do you want to be president?’ to be asked of your third grader during a math class (or any class)? Would you expect your fourth grader to be asked to create a chart of presidents along with their political persuasions? Or, how about a discussion on whether the 2000 presidential election resulted in a fair outcome? Or, what if the teacher for your sixth grader was advised to “be prepared” to discuss the politically charged 2000 election - all during math.

by Steve Straub - The Federalist Papers


Article 3 - "Making Math Education Worse"

American students are already struggling against the competition. The Common Core won't help them succeed.

by Marina Ratner - the Wall Street Journal

Article 4 - Is ‘social justice math’ creeping into your child’s curriculum?

Glenn Beck Program focused on the latest developments related to the Common Core standards and how it impacts the future of education in this country. Dana Loesch spoke to Kyle Olson, co-author of Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education, about a disturbing trend in classrooms: Social justice-inspired math.
by Glenn Beck

Article 5 - "Study: Common Core Math Will Lower College Standards in the United States"

According to a new report published by the Boston-based research group Pioneer Institute, the Common Core math standards will not prepare U.S. students for advanced math classes that, consequently, will see lower enrollments. This situation, the report’s authors say, will ultimately lead to a dumbing down of college STEM curricula.

by Dr. Susan Berry - Breibart

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Article 6 - "How Common Core Advocates Ignored Early Childhood Experts"

The fact is that Common Core advocates were warned about the developmental inappropriateness of the early childhood standards by experts in this field and they did nothing.

by Shane Vander Hart - Truth in American Education 

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Article 7 - "The Ten Dumbest Common Core Problems"

Here are eleven Common Core–compliant problems that have caused parents, students, and even teachers to scratch their heads or respond in outrage:

by Alec Torres - National Review Online

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Article 8 - "A Ridiculous Common Core Test for First Graders"

Why are some kids crying when they do homework these days? Here’s why, from award-winning Principal Carol Burris of South Side High School in New York. Burris has for more than a year chronicled on this blog the many problems with the test-driven reform in New York.

by Valerie Strauss - The Washington Post

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Article 9 - "Watch This Math Teacher Take Almost an Entire Minute Explaining How to Add 9 Plus 6 Using Common Core Math"

A simple addition problem seems to become a little more complicated under Common Core. That is made very clear in a new “Homework Helper” segment that recently aired on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, New York.

In the new educational segments, local teachers attempt to help confused parents better understand their children’s Common Core homework. In the introductory segment, a math teacher takes nearly an entire minute explaining why 9 plus 6 equals 15.

by The Blaze - Glenn Beck

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Article 10 - "How Proponents of ‘Social Justice Math’ May Be Trying to Change Your Children’s Schools"

Kyle Olson, the founder of the Education Action Group and co-author of “Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education,” said Thursday that “there is a huge movement to push what’s called ‘social justice math’ in America’s schools.”

by Erika Ritz - The Blaze

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Article 11 - "Guess Where Common Core Standards Are Starting to Show Up Now"

Michael Alberts, a physical education teacher in Broadwater, Montana, plans to use math and science in the curriculum by making his students add up the number of laps they are required to run.

Young basketball players scrimmage during the second and final Brad Underwood Lumberjack Basketball Camp of the summer at the Health and Physical Education Complex gymnasium at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, Wednesday, July 30, 2014. (AP Photo/Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, Andrew D. Brosig)

Overlapping different subject is part of how Montana is applying Common Core to physical education, the Helena Independent Record reported.

by Fred Lucas - The Blaze

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Article 12 - "You’ve Just Got to See What a ‘Frustrated Parent’ Wrote on Their Child’s Common Core Math Assignment"

One purported father’s response to his child’s Common Core math assignment is making waves around the Internet.

Posted to a popular conservative politically-oriented Facebook page, a fed-up dad appears to have authored a hard-hitting note to his child’s teacher in the space given to provide an answer.

by Oliver Darcy - The Blaze

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Article 13 - "Fed Up With Their Kids’ Failing Math Grades Under Common Core, These Parents Took Matters Into Their Own Hands"

Parents fed up with their kids’ declining math grades under newly adopted Common Core standards took an unorthodox step to remedy the problem: They pulled their children out of school for an hour a day to teach them at home.

by Dave Urbanski - The Blaze

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Article 14 - "Teacher Who Created Anti-Common Core Art Exhibit Says Parents Are ‘Dumbfounded’ That They Can’t Help Their Third-Graders Solve a Math Problem"

“I’m the assistant leader of my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and I’ve had conversations with parents who are mystified and dumbfounded that they can’t help their third-graders solve a math problem,” Scott told TheBlaze.

by Fred Lucas - The Blaze

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Article 15 - "Video: See What Happens When Adults Are Subjected to ‘Hilarious’ Common Core Math"

Caleb Bonham, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, recently took to the streets of Boulder, Colorado, with the specific purpose of frustrating people with Common Core math. Needless to say, he accomplished his goal.

Apparently using an actual Common Core math problem, Bonham used a small dry erase board to walk unsuspecting individuals through the steps — and there are many.

by Jason Howerton - The Blaze